Ghost Nation, is an exceptional musical collective that defies conventions and captivates audiences worldwide with its innovative sound. The band is a partnership between vocalist/producer Tomas Vasseur and producer Micke Berg. With a fusion of gritty pop, electrifying electronica, and cinematic elements, Ghost Nation’s music is a journey that transcends boundaries.

Having garnered over 8 million streams and played in over a hundred countries, Ghost Nation’s global appeal is undeniable. Their unconventional approach to songwriting challenges commercial norms, resulting in a unique blend of alternative electronic pop/rock that pushes creative limits. Tomas Vasseur’s distinctive vocal style, and their combined music production skills, form the backbone of their artistry.

The foundation of Ghost Nation is rooted in a chance meeting, where Tomas and Micke discovered an instant musical connection. This connection has grown into a deep friendship and a shared artistic vision, allowing them to collaborate seamlessly on every aspect of their work. Their releases are a testament to their joint efforts, showcasing their mutual respect for each other’s talents.

Fueled by curiosity and an unwavering desire to explore, Ghost Nation ventures into new sonic territories, continuously evolving their sound. Their music goes beyond mere entertainment, aiming to provoke thoughts and emotions, creating a meaningful impact on listeners.