Music: Tomas Vasseur, Micke Berg
Lyrics: Tomas Vasseur, Micke Berg
Production: Tomas Vasseur, Micke Berg
Mixing: Tomas Vasseur, Micke Berg
Album Art: 
Tomas Vasseur, Micke Berg
Backing vocals: Petra Vasseur
Mastering: Cutting Room



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Within this world, I stay, I pray, I fear noWithin my world, my broken world, I fear no
So, so wrong, so wrong…

I know it’s so wrong

If I stay outside the light foreverwill you forget whatWhat I’ve done and why I’m not here with youWill you forgive me

If I appologize from now on foreverand I stay away
And all you hear are the saddest storiesabout one that have done so wrong
Heal my heart

I know it’s so wrong
There is something missing that has been dear to meI close my eyes, I close my eyes to seeIs it love, is it hate, is it something that’s in between
I just can’t healI just can’t heal

I know it’s so wrong
I know it’s so wrong
I know it’s so wrong
I know it’s so wrong